Aquaponic Process- Vision and Decisions

Have you ever wondered what to do or where to start with your aquaponic adventure? Well, today’s episode is all about the aquaponic process of vision and decision making.

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Hello, and welcome to Fish Grow Plants! In today’s episode we’re talking about the aquaponic process of vison and decisions.

What do I mean by vision?

To me, it simply means what you want, for your aquaponic system, when you close your eyes and picture it. How it feels, what it looks like, and the emotions you attach to it.

Decisions, to me, are simply the forks in the road that you take—in any direction. I would argue that there are no right or wrong ways to decide (unless you don’t do anything).

And since I’m clarifying things, I might as well say that I’m calling an aquaponic process anything you “do”. That would mean if you have to make a conscious effort to make something happen, including making a decision and picturing your vision, then you are working on an aquaponic process.

If you’re wondering where I’m going with this, I hear you. I used to be the same way. Just tell me what to do and get out my way; that was the mode I operated in. But somewhere along the line of growing up, I realized that it doesn’t really produce the results I want. I mean, I got really good at a few things early in my life and felt completely empty inside. There was no fulfillment in the activity I was doing.

As an aside, that sort of situation creates an environment where you go searching for more—be it answers, clues, or strategies and guidance on how to not feel like crap.

That’s how I ended up realizing that having a vision and proactively making decisions about what I want in my life is the way to find more fulfillment.

So, working with a foundational vision and actively making decisions that support that vision is what I want to pass along today.

For your aquaponic vision, you have to listen to yourself. I can ask you questions and help you figure out what you want and why, but it still ultimately lies with you to create the image of your growing system. That said, it doesn’t have to be static. Just like a foundation for a house, it’s the base for where everything comes from. But, just like house construction, you can modify your foundation, add too it, or even sell it! (Although, selling a vision is probably harder than a house.)

Decisions for your aquaponic vision are a bit more concrete, pun intended, to address and are much more common and predictable.

For example, with your vision as your guide, do you see your system as a complete DIY project from the ground up? Or is it a neat little kit you bought to put in that small greenhouse in your backyard? See, you can have an infinite vision, but when you take those small action steps to accomplish your vision, the decisions you make are quite real, and ordinary.

And that’s good! That means someone else has done what you want to do—at least in concept!

Likewise, is your vision a simple indoor system? Is it nothing more than a backyard hobby-farm for you and your kids, or grandchildren? Or, do you see yourself ultimately scaling up to a full-blown commercial operation?

Regardless of your choice and vision, there are pathways of decisions that have already been made by people to help you make those visions a reality. The benefit I want to share here, is that the vision you have is the most critical aspect to starting on your aquaponic adventure. With that picture firmly planted in your mind, making the appropriate decisions will be much easier. Walking down a trail is easier than bushwhacking through the jungle.

So, a take-away action today is going to be simple: Thing big and act small.


What I mean is spend some time clarifying your grandiose vision—make it as big and awesome as you can imagine! Spare no detail, emotion, or fact that you want to have happen.

Then, act small. No, I don’t mean just barely shuffle your feet. What I mean is make small but sustainable action steps toward that vision. Thinking of small things that are easy to keep doing day in and day out will give you the stamina and momentum to keep going over the long-haul. And before you know it, that big vision will be a reality.

Take care and happy aquaponicing!

This has been another episode of Fish Grow Plants–the podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.