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Do you want to know more about aquaponics? Even more than anyone else could ever show you? Then getting curious and asking questions is the place to start, and this episode is all about asking questions.

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Hello, and welcome to Fish Grow Plants! Today’s episode is all about asking questions!

If you’ve listened to even a few episodes of Fish Grow Plants, then you know I fill them with questions. It’s almost like a language to me.

I ask, I think, I answer or keep asking. It’s a cycle to keep making progress and moving forward for me.

In fact, I was sitting down the other day looking over my notebook of ideas and topics for this episode and was feeling very down. I didn’t know what to do next. I felt like nobody cared, or wanted to listen, so why should I even bother…

Then I started asking myself questions.

Q: Why do you think no one wants to listen?

A: Because my episodes are boring and off topic.

Then I had to ask:

Q: Why do you think your episodes are off topic?

A: Because I don’t know what other people want to listen to.

Hmmm. My next question was:

Q: What do you think they want to listen to?

A: Stuff that is applicable and valuable to them. Just like you do.


Somewhere in my gut, or brain, I knew this is what I needed to do, but had missed it. Or forgotten it. Realizing that this podcast is about helping other people figure out how to make aquaponics within their reach and sharing what I learn along the way is what I wanted to make happen.

Not just put some empty content out into the world that has no point.

So, I figured I needed to know what other people are curious about with aquaponics. And as crazy as it may seem, I needed to know what lit me up. What my questions were. Where I wanted to go. What I wanted to know and how could I make it happen? If I could re-kindle my flame, I could go out and start relating more to others on their path of aquaponics.

I’ll spare you the list of questions and thoughts I had, especially those related to my unique situation and circumstances. But the core of what I came to is what I put on a post-it note and stuck to my microwave so I see it routinely. It says:

How can I grow the biggest, most beautiful, delicious crops, herbs, and plants in my current location and situation? What applies? What works best? How can I maximize it?

Having that question, or series of questions, was powerful. It was clarity I had been looking for. Realizing this, I thought I couldn’t be too different from a lot of other people, so I started looking for questions people wanted to know about aquaponics.

Wow! Was I amazed at the number and type of questions that were out there!

“Can I run my system without fish?”

“Where do I get fish and plants?”

“Can I plant in my system right away?”

“How much food can I grow?”

And one of the weirdest ones to me: “What is wrong with aquaponics?”

These questions ran the gamut of style and type. A brief summary of the topics might include: plants, fish, grow lights, water quality, worms, pH, courses, “general” stuff, cycling, buffers, equipment, DIY, purchasing, greenhouses and more!

You may think I’m weird, but I was like a kid in a candy store after reading so many questions!


Well, it gave me a new spark! It helped me see that there are indeed a lot of people out there still asking a lot of questions about aquaponics.

There are questions that people have who just heard about aquaponics. Such as, “can you tell me again, slowly, what aquaponics is?”

There are people just starting out who ask, “what should my pH be when I put my fish in the tank?”

Then there are people who are really specific and looking for details when they ask, “does this grow light perform better in the red or blue spectrum?”

Can you feel my excitement yet?!

I’m so elated to see all these questions. That means there is an interest! That means there is curiosity!

That means people are looking for answers. They are looking for help. They are looking for a way to make aquaponics a part of their lives.

That is what makes me feel excited; and hopeful that I can be a small part of helping them get the answers they need!

Good. Great. Wonderful, even you say.

But do any of these questions have a point?!


Remember, question are good! They help you think and solve problems!

I’ll be the first to say it’s nice to have someone, or the internet, answer your question right away. But sometimes it’s good to have a question you can’t find an answer to right away.

It lets you stew. Ponder. Think long and hard.

Then, hopefully, you start asking more questions to get around the one that has you stumped!

I’m sure I’m a bit crazy when it comes to thinking about the power of questions, but I want you to know they are your friend.

Use them. Ask them. All the time.

As a walk-away task from this episode, I’d like you start asking questions (beyond, “what’s got into that guy with all his questions?”). Rather, I’d like you start writing your questions down. Yes, with a pencil and paper type of writing down. Something happens in your brain when you do this that helps you find the answers. I don’t know why (that’s a question for a whole other topic), but the simple action is like turbo charging your questions.

In addition to having a list of questions, you’ll be able to see patterns emerge from your thinking.

Don’t feel obligated to answer all your questions immediately. Just think about them. Add to and answer your list as you see fit, but be sure to review it regularly and see what kind of clarity starts to form for you.

So are you wondering more about fish? Or plants?

Do you have an itch to try vertical aquaponics?

Whatever you have questions about, write them down. And see what amazing things start to happen!


Questions! Let me have them! Do you need clarification, more information, or maybe you just have a tangent thought—send all your thoughts my way. See the website for episode details, or just fire off an email to and I’ll get back to you.


So, was this episode good, bad, ugly, or other? Let me know! Comment, email, smoke-signals it doesn’t matter! I love to hear from you. Your feedback is immense, and I am always grateful for it. Likewise, thank you for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts. Have a wonderful day.

This has been another episode of Fish Grow Plants—the podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.

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