Introduction to Fish Grow Plants

Introduction to the podcast Fish Grow Plants; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft

Have you ever sucked at anything? Growing was it for me; I was good at math, science, etc., but had a brownish thumb. I didn’t really have a black thumb, but it wasn’t completely green either. I struggled to get plants to thrive. Sure, I could get things to sprout, grow some, but not really take off like wildfire; if I did, it seemed like an oddity—no real explanation why. Well, fast forward a few years and I want to grow some good food—for family, friends, and my own health. But I suck at growing, remember? Well, enter aquaponics to my life! How I look at growing has changed, and what I can grow now has changed as well.

You’re listening to Fish Grow Plants—A podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.

Hello, and welcome to Fish Grow Plants, today’s episode is simple—it’s an introduction to me, your host, and the show itself.

I won’t drag this story out, but suffice to say that I’ve improved at least 10 fold! I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert by any stretch, but I’m a willing and eager student looking to find the best ways to grow more with less. And just so you know, I’m not all about aquaponics; it’s just that that’s the growing method that gave me the eureka, ah-ha, or duh moment! I’m probably biased to it somewhat, but I am open and willing to many other methods—especially when they mean I can grow more with less!

So, let’s get to the who what when where why and how to grow more with less of this podcast shall we?

Who does this show? I do–Logan Schoolcraft presents his notes, lessons, interviews and ideas to newbie learning and practicing growers.

What is this podcast? Fish Grow Plants is a podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics. I’m also hooked on ideas for how to grow more with less (aquaponics is my starting ground, but who knows where it will take us!)

When is this podcast? Whenever you listen! My aim is to put out new episodes every week or two, but I have a day job…so I hope you understand if I don’t make it every week. I’ll do my best, but sometimes weekend work just gets in everyone’s way.

Where is this podcast? On your favorite podcast service (if I’ve got it linked and shared well) and on the website

Why am I doing this? Honestly this started because it makes me put my thoughts in an order that makes sense so I can reference them later and share them when I’m asked questions. So, it seemed to make sense at the time that this format would help me as well as you. I guess time will tell on this one..

How am I going to do this? I will write-up my notes, make a blog page, and record a podcast—and tweak my approach by listener preferences; balancing what I want to learn, grow and do with how I can help you. Sounds like I have no plan at all, doesn’t it? We’ll see—maybe enough reply email will change my mind.

Who is this podcast for? Someone who is interested in growing their own plants and really likes to hear someone else tell their story of doing it first. (Or you just like to hear how stupid I can be and try to make things work!) Your choice.

Why should you listen to the Fish Grow Plants podcast? So you don’t have to repeat the mistakes I made, make, and will tell you I’m planning on making! So you can go faster—get the links, gear, seeds, and info without having to dig and sped hours, days, or weeks figuring things out! Oh, I’d think it was cool if you listened because you liked it, but if you’re not my mom, I understand; and no hard feelings—I’ll do all I can to provide excellent service.

Why am I creating a podcast? 

To serve. To learn. To practice. To be creative. Add value. Help. I want to collect what I learn and do into a usable and relatable form so others can build on it and do their own thing, or take it even further.

Who is my audience? 

People who want to grow but think they don’t have the space, time, money, knowledge or ability. Ideally 30-45 years old, family, job, busy go-go-go, and full of stress. Hopefully what you listen to on this podcast will help reduce stress and improve health, as well as being fun!

How long will these podcast episodes be?

Initially, my episodes will be pretty short, because I’m a one-man show, but they will take the time needed to cover the topic of the episode. I’m shooting for around 15-30 minutes to start with, but again, I’m still learning here, so we’ll continue to see what progress is made!

If I was to kind of summarize what I’d like to give you, as a tool, or resource from all the questions I just answered about this podcast, then I’d say it would be this: read books, talk with KNOWLEDGABLE people, take APPROPRIATE classes$, volunteer; keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.

Easy to say. I know, but that’s it in a nutshell.

Ever feel like you can’t keep up? I do. With all the stuff I want to do, I feel like I either make lists and nothing happens, or I spend my time hunting around and around for things “I know I have”. Ever been there? I really like NOT going there, but it happens. So, I’m going to try to make this podcast/blog as much of a resource as possible.

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to do this podcast because it forces me to put thoughts and info in ORDER that makes sense. And since I’m learning and growing at the same time, I’m a reporter and student in one! You get to hear what I’ve found out about as well as what I’ve done, or screwed-up!

So I’ve made as a resource—everything mentioned in these episodes is FREE and available there. I can’t promise I’ll keep every old episode up to date, but there should be a solid history available and it should be easily searchable.


Questions! Let me have them! Do you need clarification, more information, or maybe you just have a tangent thought—send all your thoughts my way. See the website for episode details, or just fire off an email to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you.


So, was this episode good, bad, ugly, or other? Let me know! Comment, email, smoke-signals; it doesn’t matter! I love to hear from you. Your feedback is immense, and I am always grateful for it. Likewise, thank you for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts. Have a wonderful day.

This has been another episode of Fish Grow Plants—the podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.

3 replies on “Introduction to Fish Grow Plants”

Hi! Ever since the pandemic and then the big power outage this past winter, I’ve been looking at alternative ways to provide the essentials. I realized aquaponics could be a good way to grow your own food, but what if the power goes out? Will it still work? Also, how much space will I need to get started? I have a medium backyard.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the comment.
It’s not if, but when the power goes out! (In my experience.) If you are prepared for the outage, yes, an aquaponic system will still work.
Space needs vary by one’s goals or resources (or lack of). I currently have two systems that only take up about 15 square feet, and are in a spare bedroom!
Backyard systems allow for a lot more space, produce, and fun! But again, it’s your goals that drive all the “what’s” and “how’s” you’ll need.
In order to not spill all the beans early, stay tuned for more episodes–I’ll be hitting on things you asked about.
Thanks again, Jim!

Oh cool! I just saw your reply. Thanks for your episode on power outage preparedness. It’s fresh on everyone’s mind right now. Maybe my wife will allow me to put a system in our spare room (probably joking but worth a try). It would be really cool to have a big system in our backyard. Thanks for your answer!

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