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What do you love best about growing? Is there any particular aspect that you really like? Or is there something about it that just makes you smile?

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Hello, and welcome to Fish Grow Plants! In today’s episode we’re talking about the love of growing!

Or put another way, what do you love about growing, gardening, and tending to beautiful greenery?

Or could I ask, why do you grow?

I went and saw my parents’ last weekend. I wasn’t gone but a couple of days, but it helped me put this into perspective. All the plants I have growing in various ways around my place here were left unattended during that whole time. Yes, I make sure they are going to be alright, but there’s always some small thought in the back of my mind about how they are doing.

Did it rain?

Did the wind blow something over?

Did some animal make a mess of everything?

Did something clog up the fish tank, or kill the recirculating pump?

A million things could go through my mind, but I have to let them go. I have to trust that I’ve set things up well enough that all will be fine until I return. It’s no different than when I normally go to work—I assume all will be fine during the day until I get back.

So yes, everything was just fine when I got back, as it is when I return from work, but it hit me that I really like them.


Yes, them. Those plants I’ve got growing.

That’s what prompted this episode.

I realized I love this stuff.

I mean, I suck, I am no great magical gardener pulling in tons of produce and flowers, but I think I can get there. I think it’s doable. I think I can figure it out for my current location and situation.

Maybe that’s what I love about growing most—the potential. If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. It’s the figurative seed planting concept meeting the literal seed planting process.

I can get so upset about something not going quite right, or when seedlings don’t turn out the way I thought they would, but I realize that I just haven’t put in enough time, seeds, or patients to see the results I want.

I’m ok with that, so I keep on planting. I keep on growing.

For me, when I ask myself, “why do I grow?” I could tell a story like I just did, about how I love the process, the results, and all the tangible sides of growing. But I think it comes down to fulfillment.

If I’m honest.

Nothing I’ve ever done requires so much work upfront in the planning, layout, and organization. Then routine, regular care, love, and patients to produce a result. And finally proper timing to harvest, handle, store or process (i.e., enjoy) the fruit of your labor.

That’s fulfilling to me. The whole process. It doesn’t require much of me, but it does require it regularly.

It reminds me of when I was younger and my parents teaching me about raising animals or tending and caring for another living thing. Maybe I’ve never really grown up myself and I see all the amazing potential in what I grow.

It’s fun.

It’s relaxing.

It’s loving.

It’s an easy way to connect to nature, even if I can’t get out and go for a nice long walk.

Ok, I’ll stop rambling on about why I love growing so much. Instead, I’ll turn the tables on you and ask, “what do you love about growing?”

Why do you grow?

Is there something magical that happens for you when you plant a seed, cut a flower, or share your space with someone new?

There’s no activity here. But if you have listened this far, I hope you’ll take the time to recognize why you grow, garden or tend to plants. And then just give it a moment. Acknowledge the feeling. And remember you’ve always got that with you—even when you are away from your plants.

So in closing, I’ll ask you just to remember the love you have for your garden, aquaponics, or planned green space. And realize how good that feels.

Happy growing!


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This has been another episode of Fish Grow Plants—the podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.

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