Restarts are powerful. They create momentum for the future. What’s your restart?

You’re listening to Fish Grow Plants—A podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.

Hello, and welcome to Fish Grow Plants! In today’s episode we’re sharing the love of restarts, or spring planting, if you wish!

The story I’d like to share today is about this podcast—it’s a rebirth, in a sense to me. Last year, like 2020, was different for sure, so the fact that I’m lifting this podcast up and getting it going again is special. Starting fresh again this year is a chance to do more. Do better. Make things the way I want them. Make the content and emotion I share much more vivid, packed, and useful to everyone listening. It’s a chance for me to express what I find cool, neat, and exciting, as well as all the things that function, don’t function, or are just neat to play with.

My goals for this podcast are to make it much more concise and to the point in a very relatable way. I want the information to be relevant for as long as possible, so I’ll try to focus on processes and procedures that meet those criteria.

So what can you expect?

Well, keep an eye out, or an ear ready, to listen for a relatable story, mishap, or funny experience that sets the stage for the topic at hand. Then continue listening for more insight and details as to how to apply the information. And, if applicable, I’ll share where you can find the tools, materials, or resources to mimic the steps you just heard about.

As for today, my “tool” to leave you with is to find a restart for yourself. Is it the pre-planning and planting for spring? Is it a new year, a new you? Or is there some other aspect of restarting that lights you up?

I’m encouraging you to find that love inside you—find that energy—that gets you going and re-ignite it so the flame is strong again.

For me, I can’t wait to see where my aquaponics, microgreens, and this podcast takes off to this year!

Take care, and happy aquaponicing!

This has been another episode of Fish Grow Plants–the podcast all about practicing and sharing the love of aquaponics; hosted by Logan Schoolcraft.