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Aquaponic Process—Construction: Indoor Considerations

Have you thought of putting your aquaponic system in your house? Not only have I thought about it, but I did it; and that’s why I want to share some things to consider before you take the leap and move in with your system

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Aquaponic Process—Tools and Hardware

Do you want to know more about the tools and hardware you’ll need to put your aquaponic system together? Well, today’s episode is going to cover just that.


Aquaponic Process- Vision and Decisions

Have you ever wondered what to do or where to start with your aquaponic adventure? Well, today’s episode is all about the aquaponic process of vision and decision making.

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Love-Aquaponic Changes

Do you make a lot of changes to your aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about the love for making those changes and enjoying the process.

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Aquaponic Microgreens Deep Water Culture

Have you tried growing microgreens in your aquaponic deep water culture tank? Well, today’s episode is all about introducing my initial findings by trying this method.

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Aquaponic Modifications

Have you ever done something and then wanted to change it? Well, today’s episode is all about modifying your aquaponic system and what to think about before you actually do it.

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Whole Harvest or Cut And Come Again

Do you whole harvest all your plants from your aquaponics? Well, today’s episode is all about the pros and cons of whole harvest versus the cut and come again method.

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Starting Seeds For Aquaponics

Have you ever wondered how seeds are started for planting into an aquaponic system? Well, today’s episode is all about the options and methods available to get little plants going in your aquaponic system.

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Love—Aquaponic Mysteries

Do you currently have an aquaponic mystery? Have you ever solved an aquaponic mystery? Well, today’s episode is all about finding, fixing, and loving aquaponic mysteries!

Hardware Learning Stuff System

Buy or Build? Kit or DIY? Or, how do I get my system constructed?

Is buying better than building? Can you save time or money with one or the other? Let’s find out.